Thanks to their union, way too many employees think they’re untouchable. These employees make all the difference – they’re ready, willing and able to go the extra mile. Conventional transit follows regular schedules and routes. However if even one makes it through, you are right, we are in for some serious trouble! I’m fairly certain that most couldn’t think themselves out of a paper bag, let alone figure out how to get an application in on time and filled out correctly!

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I can envision a typical scenario: Finally my chance to be the Bastard Bus Operator from Hell!

Ridership decline due to strike or no, there are several hundred baby boomer drivers slated to retire over the next few years so hiring will be ongoing. Because of my slight visual disability there’s no becime I could met ot MTO’s requirement for driving a bus visual requirements, Heck I’m just hanging on to my drivers licience as it is. To use the bus and O-Train, you need to get to and from the stop and board the vehicle.

Jobs / Careers

Saturday December 29 City of Ottawa octranspo. Of course if you have family in management you could start as a Devil. Management has a general concern for the well being of it’s employees. I’ll still be in school untilthen I graduate and head off to college to get my lisence for auto mechanics.


You see it my case I have tunnel Glucoma whuich is a eye dease. I’ve also hear dthere is a 2 becomd waiting list for this. A complaint regarding the conduct of a Transit Special Constable.

Other key groups are:. Just as long your bus doesn’t get packed back to front and get in your way at the front area while your driving. If a complaint is substantiated what will happen to the officer? Its a cut throat environment and toxic. There are a range of options available to the Chief Special Constable including: I’m surprised TTC doesn’t reimburse the cost of this renewal fee. Transit is a shared space and everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free ride.

Did modify 3 trains out of 6. We provide this service to eligible registered customers who cannot take conventional transit—some or all of the time—because of a disability.

OC Transpo – Jobs / Careers

If you need more information on accessible transit, e-mail your questions to accessibility octranspo. The best part of my job is my co-workers.

Elevators and escalators are important features providing you access tto some of our stations and platforms, so please check the elevator statusbefore leaving home. Each stage in the selection process is competitive.


I know that between that time and now, things have changed in terms of operating procedures ebcome technology that may require additional days of training such as teaching operators how use the Text Messaging on the GPS, and teaching operators how to announce bus stops.

The challenge of dealing with so many different types of people tranpo always fun. Mgmt has a difficult time managing the workers. Great customer service experience. In an organization of this size, that touches so many people, it is impossible to ensure everyone’s needs are met. I’m not sure I – Another passenger: Yea, I’ve been checking the Ottawa site for quite a while.

The hours can be tenuous for new drivers as everything is by seniority. It ox a 3 month temporary position to install a modification on the OC Transpo trains.