Did you find out if yours was fixable and what it was? Have downloaded the ssc utility, can’t seem to get help from that. I have only ever owned Epson printers and when I needed a new one I bought another Epson. Dude, you are my hero! You saved my printer, hours of my time, and pounds of my hard earned cash!

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Had years of trouble free printing, then got the “Printer error – call for service message” Used your solution, worked like a dream.

epson cx6600 needs reseting

I just scooped up about 4 oz. That will ususally fix it.

I had just replaced blk day before problem and cartridge seems struck. This will work until, alas, I need to make an ink refill – then what?

Where are they and how I procede? Resetting the stglus did the trick all the colors are working beautifully. They will print, but without ANY accuracy at all. I guess for most of users, the alert message comes far earlier than a reasonable replacement timing. Process the printer will no longer work all I get is the see your documentation or take your printer to nearest epson service center message.


I’ve followed precisely the stept of Paul first reply and it works till the point where I see epsson message “Init.

Reconnect using a needle nose pliers. The other features are all to be expected. The Canon MP is a vastly superior machine in all the reviews and from my perspective it is quicker, quieter, better printing and more solid all in one. Styluw only owned the unit for about 2 years.

Thanks worked epeon just fine. I really don’t like Epson at this point either. Your solution worked perfectly! Great site, after trying to fix the printer cx which didn’t work I found your site.

This is my wife’s printer and she gave me the ultimatum to fix it or get me a new one, if not “find the door mister”. Run the nozzle head cleaning routine a couple times.

Epson CX Driver & Downloads

Thanks for the resetting info! A black rubber band fell out inside of my printer, the black and white copy’s work but the color copy’s dont work epsom, it prints in lines but not a solid picture, how do I put it back? Any help in finding a direction would be appreciated. Does this styljs need trashed when the tube is full? It does not apply where goods are bought for business use, from showrooms, fairs or exhibitions.


Epson CX6600 Driver

The printer estimates how much ink is supposed to be in it by the number of cleaning cycles and gives you the message. HELP the other colors wont print. Are landfills crammed with old Epson printers? Also its used to print color photo’s. The head seems to be printing but nothing comes out on paper. I should also mention that all three of my printers in the house are exhibiting abnormal behavior and they all started at about the same time, which should be a little better than anecdotal evidence that what ever is happening might be relating to all three printers.

I tried the reset procedure, but the printer didn’t behave like the instruction said it should. Skip to main content. Again, the resetting of the CX didn’t alleviate the problem and I’m only now starting to address the issues with the HP’s.

In addition, I also purchased another printer but it is still in the carton.