Who knows, maybe Brian tried and found his particular setup had constant sound problems with DosBox. LCD could be better response time but you can always use external display. The crystal b it comes with is not to shabby either. Both cards are PnP-compatible and can be configured by software. The card has two analog outputs: And no built in floppy, though external drives seem to be easy to find for decent prices on sites like eBay. The only inconvenience is, in fact, the DSTN screen.

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I tried it on my E’s Ultrabase see few posts belowbut it won’t work doz won’t be recognized by Windows The X lacks a bit horsepower with win98 3D games, but still, i think it’s pretty decent. That’s the best DOS laptop ever made.

I have a feeling if I get the laptop running again I’ll find that battery to be dead as well. What would be very interesting is, whether this would work for old Motorola 2-way radio programming software….

Raspberry Pi: the perfect machine for old DOS games | Hackaday

The corresponding MIDI connectors in the front panel are disabled if the routing is active. Do you rock the casbah at old DOS games with your Thinkpads? Whoa, cut the guy some slack! Thanks crysatl the trip down memory lane! Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account.


I have doubts about this Ultrabase, cause the floppy drive isn’t working either.

Crystal Caves

This game features the smoothest animated graphics ever seen in an Apogee game. And yes, the series machines do have a gameport connector on them, but you’ll need an unobtanium dongle to use it. I found no sources so i diassembled it.

I’m sure dox are many old DOS games lovers in these forums. I am about to try the same myself. Hey Patrick, that was fantastic!

Anyway, this Ultrabase may be faulty: This site hosts no abandonware. Last edited by tikoellner on You can download the full version of Crystal Caves from the download store listed below.

Crystal ISA Sound Card (cxxq3) With Game Port | eBay

Notify me of new posts via email. The Dream chip also features an effects processor which can apply different predefined reverb, chorus and echo effects to the SAM input signals. You can also then press the G key to reverse the game’s gravity. My cousin finally sent me his old Sidewinder joystick with Gameport cryystal.

I don’t remember if screen scaling was a problem, but I think not. The game port on the back of the card crstal be routed to either of the ports, although it is only usable for MIDI when the front module is not attached L cards.


My other old systems are nice but lack in one or another way.

Should get a Microsoft Sidewinder stick in the next few days, will post review. Probably more important things to feel butt hurt over. The card has two analog outputs: But they all have downsides: Mine can’t hold a charge and have to keep it plugged in for it to retain BIOS settings.

This week I should receive a Thinkpad T21! An important point for DOS support is sound compatibility. I remember doing tests many years ago myself and all the machines I tried disabled cache rather than changed clocks. Please rate it below on a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 is the highest score.