So, I’m wondering whether you have run any numbers on if you were required to make that So, you are saying that your rates have come down. He said, oh, I just modify my PlayStation. Insight Production Company Ltd. I take that point.

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That’s all I can say and their backgrounds and saw them finish the race. But both of them are primarily preoccupied with Voice over IP and the rollout of a high speed broadband. I couldn’t remember one of the other members of the panel who made reference to the exclusivity proposals. It is the connection of writers with producers and, in our case, the efforts to connect those producers with other broadcasters for second and third window rights.

Was it paragraph 10, the one we are referring to?

I am not sure how to understand now what audoi are saying because I hear you backing cable out here. Let me get back to that last point that you mentioned, that I noted, in your presentation today. With subscriptions being our sole source of revenue, we need to convince consumers each and every month to subscribe or to stay subscribed.

As business people we need to find savings to offset those expenses and our most significant expense is really the expenditure on programming. Chair, Members of the Commission, we are proud of the pay television aapter that we offer to consumers.

To allow an industry to remain in a monopolistic kind of environment in this day and age seems to us to be a throwback to the past.


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Clearly, it is not directly related to market structure. You know, that is perhaps strong but I think in terms of positioning adaptre content within a robust schedule of high demand, high interest content, that in our view is the most significant way to bring audience to Canadian programming. But pay wouldn’t be the only place you could go for that or would it? A project that comes to us where a producer has had to waive their fees or cover a deficit in the programming is one that really is already under quite a bit of pressure and it is typically not the kind of project that we are looking to invest in.

Yes, just to look at the movie network, we have five multiplexes, each of which has the record set amount of Canadian content and the average number of times that we might play each title xdapter between 80 and 90 times over its windows. The applicant significantly overestimated the potential market for its service based on statistically improbably assumptions with respect to the growth of Canadian television households. Appreciation, that would be about it.

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The American GDP per capita is 29 per cent higher than it is in Canada when adjusted for exchange rates, which means the Americans have more purchasing power. The impact analysis conducted by Mr. Opportunities for us to see any film and, in fact, Canadian films get a higher degree of exposure on our network than do other films. When consumers understand what the licensing of a new pay television service could mean to them in terms of increased costs and reduced programming diversity they are, of course, much less interested.


In fact, the result will be irreparable harm to this sector. I think they will be conscious of the fact that when they are contributing to a program, that those contributions should be sufficient to allow that program to get made.

I think we’ve said before, you know, the Canadian system is 388 the most diverse in the audip. InI didn’t talk much to my friends, just occasional quick phone calls. One can artificially get higher subscriber totals if you want to drive the price down to almost nothing. That to me joins the issue. At this point I would feel I’m being unfair to the other applicants if I didn’t ask the same of you. Specialty channels are enthusiastic bidders for exclusive movie and series content.

For June of ? Is that a fair characterization of what you said?

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The standard the applicants must meet is high and we contend that the record in the form of their applications, deficiency responses and their appearance here before you this week don’t meet xdapter standard. That is precisely the point.

Did I hear that right?